17‑001 -

1/4 in. Professional Mortising Chisel and Bit Set



  • Mortise and tenon joints are exceedingly strong joints which also enhance the perception of the quality craftsmanship that went into creating the workpiece
  • Easily and efficiently machine-cut mortises for a more accurate and cleaner cut to exactly fit your tenon
  • Designed with a 5/8 in. shank to fit DELTA® products; also fits most brands of Mortisers and Drill Press Attachments
  • Chisels are made with bearing quality steel and are finely sharpened for a clean, consistent cut from one end of the tenon to the other; durable to last longer
  • Bits made of high-quality steel and resist overheating in heavy use
  • Bit and Chisel have close tolerances between them ensuring chips are efficiently removed from the cut without jamming and heating up the bit providing extended bit set life


  • Size: 1/4 in. square
  • Contains 1 Chisel and Bit Set

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